Monday, January 26, 2009

Jodi will turn 7 in March. She is such a great kid. She is sometimes more help than I need, but usually things run smoother with her around. She is a great big sister. She knows all about hearing aids and where to find Cole's glasses. Jodi is in the first grade and loves school. She just started girl scouts and loves it!!

Cole just turned 2. He is my little man. He is such a great kid. Nothing gets him down. He is such a charmer and loves people .

Rylee is 4. You never see Rylee without a smile. She is so fun to be around! She is in preschool and loves all her friends. Every day she asked me if she can have a playdate. She is very outgoing and doesn't let much bother her. When she is not in preschool she loves playing with Cole. Using a quote from my Grandpa, "her smile is like a field of sunflowers."
Hello to all. With this blog hopefully I will be able to keep you updated on our family.