Sunday, March 22, 2009



Jodi got a new bike for her birthday. She was so excited. She got a bike with "front hand brakes and gears"!!! Now she will be able to go everywhere.

Jodi finally was brave enought to have a "friend" birthday party and mom was brave enough to let it be a sleep-over. She had so much with her friends.

Can you tell we are still going with the Jodi-Toadi theme?
This is my little funny man. I wanted to take a silly picture of Cole so I put the camera right in his face. Well, just as is took the picture he......well you can see for your self. So it did indead turn out to be a silly picture.

Here is Rylee's class on an ice skating adventure!! Can you imagine 8 4 year olds on ice skates? She had a great time and a sore bottom!